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About Us

  • Coffee is the most important imported product found in large quantities in this area. Nowadays the best organic coffee in the world is produced in Peru and we are proud to be part of this select group of coffee producers.
    A proud family
    of their coffee
  • We have the legacy of our ancestors very present and we are in the capacity to transmit a real experience to all the people who wish to live an authentic experience in Peru with Real Cusco.
    A Cusqueña
  • For a long time now we cultivate native products of this land such as native potatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes, wild tomatoes, passion plants.
    A peasant
  • We are enterprising Cusqueños, passionate about our culture, committed to their people, aware of the care of our planet. It makes us happy to transmit all our customs, ancestral knowledge and more, to all those who visit our country with the hunger to know everything about the cultural wealth that Peru has.
    Real Cusco
    family business


The important thing is not the destination, it is the journey!

Real Cusco